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​Success Stories

"Choosing Health Pros is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Being trained by professionals helps me know that I am working out correctly and working all muscle groups. I feel accountable and look forward to each and every workout. I have not been able to say that before Health Pros!"    ~Pam M.       


"I initially sought Jill out as a solution for my three-sport high school daughter training in her off-season.   She and I went to train with Jill together several times a week.   The workouts were individualized to challenge both of us at the same time, recognizing the differences in our respective fitness levels.   After my daughter returned to her sports schedule, I stayed on because Jill is motivating, the training is fun and I am seeing results.   I highly recommend Jill and the team at Health Pros."  ~Stacey T.


"Judy understands how bodies change as we age & takes that into account during our workouts while at the same time pushes me to do "5 more".  Although she takes our times together seriously, she always has a smile on her face and makes our time together fun.  I love using the Health Pros facility.  It's not too small & not too large-you feel like a part of the family when you go there."    ~Jane


"I think the biggest impact that Health Pros has had for me is the consistency to show up and be held accountable. Hundreds of dollars spent on club memberships lacked that.  Finally a difference."  ~Becky B.


"I am 70 years old and Health Pros has kept me in shape for water skiing with my grandchildren. Health Pros reminds me of cheers - WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME."  ~Peggy F.


"No matter how busy my life has gotten as a working mother of four children, I will always make time for exercise. Thank you to Kate and Stacey for showing me that exercise is an important part of my daily life in the most laid back and fun setting possible!" ~Bonnie S.


"In August 2009 I had bilateral total knee replacements. The surgery went well and the doctors and staff were amazed at how quickly I was up moving around and commented on the great amount of upper body strength I had. The reason was training at Health Pros - it helped prepare me for the surgery and recovery. I will continue to train for many years, not just for my knees, but for my whole body."  ~Deb F.